Digital woodcut print reproductions available HERE.

Marilyn’s sculpture is informed by what she observes in her daily life.  She lives in a small city just south of Camden, NJ. 
Her home is next to a gas station and across the street from another gas station. 
In order to have a natural world, She had to build it.  She planted trees and flowers and built small living spaces
in her postage stamp backyard.  She planted species that attract a variety of birds, bugs and butterflies. 
She created and integrated outdoor sculptures of ferro-concrete, mosaic and metal. 
Many creatures are frequent visitors to this world and have become both inspiration and subject for her art.
            Sculptures represented here are studies translated from backyard sightings.
Some are combined with representations of childhood toys and games. She calls them fragments because
they are relatively intimate in scale and they make use of
little pieces of memories that combine with her personal environment.  

View Grounds For Sculpture 2012 installation photos